Vida Maxx

Introducing our latest product that has the ability to maintain normal blood circulation and helps to maintain healthy platelet function important to cardiovascular health. Vida Maxx started to work as quickly as 1.5 hours after taking the supplement and continued to enhance normal blood circulation for up to 12 hours.


Fruitflow is a breakthrough ingredient: the first natural, scientifically substantiated solution contributing to healthy bloodflow.



Specific Fruitflow® benefits:
Is a natural, healthy and safe ingredient
Can be used in food, beverages and dietary supplements applications
Is highly stable and water-soluble, with low flavor, odor and color profile
Provides strong differentiation for heart health products (an opportunity to create new segment in the category)
Builds on established consumer awareness around cholesterol and other heart health solutions.


















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20 thoughts on “Vida Maxx

  1. I have a heartdisease..diagnose by a doctor that my 2 bulb of the heart was block and it has wound.if I take Vida maxx. was it safe for me?

  2. Is this ok even if m taking hypertension meds like Temilsartan amlodipine besilate and carvedilol? M also taking SG Glutergen, a multivitamin?

  3. I have hypertensive heart disease. Have been taken the likes of choleduz, restorlyf, c24/7 and my choco. although, I see slight changes in my health since 2 months av bn using them. For how long do I need to take them to get healed?

  4. Hi can someone that sometimes unconscious and fell down and like if is dead when calling his name, then after few seconds he gain back consciousness and saying noting wrong with him and begin to behave normal again like 61 years old. Can such take Vida Maxx, if so how?

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