NATURACENTIALS Coffee Scrub+Mask Body Contouring

TERMINALIA ARJUNA EXTRACT – Clinically proven to break down surplus fat deposits and activate the removal of fat from cells
SLIMEXIA STEVIA & MATE OILS – Clinically proven to restore the balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis, reducing the appearance of Orange Peel Skin
AJIDEW P C A – Na – clinically proven to retain moisture in the skin and prevent skin shrinkage
COFFEE SCRUB BEADS – Mechanical exfoliants improve blood circulation and leave skin smooth and primed to absorb nutrients
AMAZONIAN KAOLIN CLAY – Removes dead skin cells and encourages skin regeneration and skin moisture retention, leaving skin smooth and hydrated
ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE – Lessens the appearance of stretch marks by rapidly healing minor tears within several layers of the skin caused by sudden and excessive stretching
SUNFLOWER SEED OIL – Extremely high in Vitamin E, prevents scarring and smooths out existing scars

Apply a generous amount in a gentle circular motion on body areas affected by unslightly marks such as cellulite and orange-peel skin. Allow to penetrate for 10-15 minutes, then wash off thoroughly. May be used 5-6 times a week for best results or 3-4 times a week if skin is sensitive.
Use in tandem with Naturacentials Oxygen Bar and Instant White Lotion Face+Body.

✔ 100% NO Harmful Chemicals
✔ No toxic microbeads, no SLS/SLES, no Parabens, no Phthalates, no Formaldehyde
✔ Formulated and Tested in Japan
✔ Dermatologically Formulated
✔ Hypo-allergenic
✔ FDA Approved

Product Details:
Price: Php1000