BURN – Slim


BURN Slim Tablet – a special proprietary blend of:



1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract (HydrocyCitric Acid 60%)
2. Green Tea Extract (Catechin 50%)
3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid
4. L-Carnitine
5. White Kidney Bean Extract


These are the Ingredients and health benefits in Using BURN Slim Tablet:

1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract
> Power Appetite Suppressant
> Prevents Fats Storage
> Improve your heart Health
> Cure Gastric Issues
> Positive Stimulant for Brain

2. Green Tea Extract
> Maintain Body Weight
> Best Drink for Diabetes
> Regulate Blood Pressure
> Prevent Cancer
> Anti Stress
> Increase Brain Activity

3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
> Increase Metabolic Rate
> Enhance Muscle Growth
> Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
> Lower Insulin Resistance
> Induced Allergic Reaction
> Enhances Immune System

4. L- Carnitine
> Aids weight Loss
> Play an Important role in energy Production
> Improve Mental Performance and Cognitive Ability

5. White Kidney Bean Extract
> Reduce Cholesterol
> Stabilizes Blood Sugar
> Full of Iron
> Good For memory
> Anti oxidant
> Boost Energy
> Lower heart attack risk



PRICE : Php 1200.00/box
CONTENTS : 30 Tablets/box

GMP & HALAL Certified

Recommendations: Take 1-3 Tablets a day, must be taken 30 Minutes before meals.










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228 thoughts on “BURN – Slim

  1. Hi does this burn slim tablet have black or brown dots in its capsule? Cause the one that I bought may mga dots sa capsule

  2. Wala ba syang side effec?wala ba kyung promo ngayun? Hm ang 2 boxes. ? 1200 ba??? Effective din ba kahit walang excercise?

  3. 110kg po ang timbang ko ngayon, Umiinom po ako nitong BURN, At everyday po ako nag ggym, Mas magiging madali po ba ang pag liit nga timbang ko ? 🙂 btw, 3x a day po ako umiinom nito.

  4. Pwede ba gumamit neto ang 16yrs.old? And kelan bang magbawas sa foods and exercise? How long bago makita ang effect? Thank you.

  5. Bkit ung binilhan ko ngaun sabi 30mins after meal ang pag inom ng burn slim tablet..bkit dto nklagay before meal..anu ang tamang pag inom?pareho lnf nmn kau s aim global..bkit magkaiba ang sinasabi s pag inom…anu b best way?

  6. Hi! Nagtitake po ako ng Amino 30 mins. before and after my workout. Ok lang po bang itake ang BURN, i mean, isabay sa Amino? Ano po bang best time/way sa pag inom ng BURN? Ilang caps a day? Thanks!

  7. Hi.. Pwede ba aq mag take ng burn slim kahit nag papadede aq ng baby 1yr. Old, pwede po ba? Best result din po ba if 2x a day umiinom or dapat 3x a day..?

  8. i finished taking 3 boxes already 3 times a day, pero parang wala namang resulta kasi d bumaba timbang ko.. I don’t even too much.. bakit?

  9. Pwede po ba ito kahit walang time for exercise and workout. yung i tetake mo lang talaga siya and aasa ka sa effects niya to your body? I saw some ad kasi about this saying na kahit wala kang time for workout diet and excercise it’s still effective..

  10. I bought a much lesser price from lazada p499 ang 3 boxes, is this possible na fake ang nabili ko. I compared it from what apppears in the picture it totally looks the same.

  11. I’m asthmatic, my pulmonologist advised I lose weight (currently at 93kg) but I cannot do exercises due to my condition. I can do slow walking, will this still work for me?

  12. Hi marc, just wanna ask id is it safe for taking contraceptive pills? Hindi ba magiging less effective yun? Im afraid of getting pregnant at the same time i wanted to lose weight. Thanks!

  13. panu ako nakasisiguro na hindi fake ang nabili kong BURN SLIM,anu po ba ang palatandaan ng original na tablet,,thank you po

  14. I got mine for only 1600 for 3 boxes (buy 2 get 1) & ung gold logo dun sa box is star ang nakalagay instead “2014-2016”. Do you think I got a fake one?

  15. Okay lang po ba uminom ng burn slim if ngmemaintenance po ako for highblood.umiinom kc aq ng gamot sa umaga para mamaintain yung blood pressure ko

  16. I hv 3 c-section n reduced 22 kg with diet n walk etc.l took some herbs as well with it.can l use this for loose weight.is this secure for liver n health??

      • is it okay to take this even i’m taking metformin?

        On 8 February 2017 at 11:17, Alliance in Motion Global – AIM World wrote:

        > Marc Bryson commented: “There is no fixed calculation for that. You have > to do it to know.” >

      • Thanks po

        On 8 February 2017 at 15:24, Alliance in Motion Global – AIM World wrote:

        > Marc Bryson commented: “Yes.” > Respond to this comment by replying above this line > > New comment on *Alliance in Motion Global – AIM World > * > > > > *Marc Bryson* commented > > on BURN – Slim > . > > > in response to *ivy lositaño*: > > is it okay to take this even i’m taking metformin? On 8 February 2017

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