BURN – Mate Iced Tea

Here’s a refreshingly healthy Mate Iced Tea that you and your body will surely enjoy!


The Guarani natives in South America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina) traditionally used dried or roasted leaves of Yerba Mate or Green Mate Tree Ilex Paraguarensis as tea for its natural medicinal purposes.

Now, popularly known as the “Green Gold of Indios”, Frutarom, with its patented EFLA Hyperpure process technology, developed Finomate, a patented green mate leaf extract with human clinical studies providing efficacy on weight loss and increase of energy/vitality through multiple mechanisms of action.

Adding Green Tea extract, EFLA 942, Satieral, Carnipure, Fibruline, these imported ingredients with clinical studies on Satiety, metabolism and weight control will help you get in shape and achieve the body you desire.

1. Micro-crystalline Cellulose
2. Fibruline Finomate EFLA 920
3. Citric Acid
4. Lemon-Lime Flavour
5. Mineral Salts
6. Xanthan Gum
7. Satiereal
8. Green Tea Extract EFLA 942
9. Carnipure
10. Stevia
11. Green Food Colour


Drink up! Exercise… and feel the BURN!

Price: Php 320 per pack
Contents: 5 sachets per pack

Mix 1 sachet with 500mL water. Add ice to enjoy!

✔ Available in COD Nationwide ( Cash On delivery )

✔ FREE SHIPPING Nationwide for minimum of 8 packs!



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25 thoughts on “BURN – Mate Iced Tea

    • It’s not a magic drug that will effect immediately. Unhealthy fats will burn in a healthy, natural and gradual way. Monitor your weight before and after your program, or weekly.

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