How to be part of the company, AIM GLOBAL?
STEP 1. Buy the Business Package for your membership in any of our offices or through Cash on Delivery(Philippines only). If someone has already explained or introduced to you about AIM Global, please contact him/her now for assistance. If no one has invited you yet and just bumped in this website, contact me with the details provided below.
SMS(Philippines only): 0977-104-9960
Viber/WhatsApp/WeChat: +639213973449
Facebook Messenger: Marc Bryson Hilaga

STEP 2. Along with the Package, you will also receive a Registration Code that will be used to register your account. Send your Registration Code through chat for Online Registration along with your details:
Full name:
Contact number:

After we register you online, you can then access your DASHBOARD and start your business.

Get your Global Package now thru Cash on Delivery(Philippines Only)


For countries without an office yet, you can order a Business Package from the Philippines and will be delivered through Post Office or DHL:
✔ You can choose from the sets of Packages above(Philippine Packages)
✔ Postage fees apply.
✔ Delivery may not be available in some countries. To inquire for availability and Total Cost, send your details to the contacts provided:
– Your country
– Your choice of Business Package and quantity(Ex. 3 Package C)
✔ Payment is required to process your order. You can send your payment via any International Money Transfers(ex. Western Union, Moneygram).
✔ Delivery will take 1-2 weeks.



Email :
Viber/WeChat/WhatsApp : +639213973449
SMS: 09771049960
Chat on Facebook Messenger: Marc Bryson Hilaga