BAYANIHAN – A message from the President of the Philippines


My warmest congratulations to the Alliance in Motion Global Inc. for winning two back-to-back Guinness World Records. The government congratulates you for your events resulting in two achievements for your company and our Republic. This feat of unity deeply resonates among us in this time of resurgence, as we need to keep working together to attain the goals we have set for ourselves and for our nation.

“Your success in setting these records is a proof that the spirit of bayanihan remains strong among Filipinos and that we can accomplish much, when we work together as one cohesive unit.” It is my hope that these accomplishments will inspire you and other Filipinos to continue cooperating and collaborating, especially in more important and meaningful pursuits, and to believe in our collective capacity to become agents of positive change in our respective communities and our country.

Again, congratulations and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.








AIM HIGH – Official Newsletter of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. Vol.4 No.1




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