C24/7 Testimony: Allergic Rhinitis, Migraine, Dysmenorrhea




A life-changing testimony of April, a Registered Nurse from Cebu.








“I had allergic rhinitis since I was in my elementary years until I graduated college. Along with it comes migraine, 4-5 handkerchiefs and tons of tissue. It was very troublesome. Medicine after medicine didn’t work until C24/7 was introduced to me. 2 weeks of continuous use, I stopped sniffing, migraine vanished and no more need for tissues! I’m a living testament of how amazing this product is.


Girls, have you ever experienced that can’t-walk-curling my body to fetal position-type of pain? I have. You know that day of the month, right? Medicine doesn’t work for me. Until one faithful day…

That time of the month. That pain. I took 2 capsules of C24/7 and 10 mins after, I was dancing to the tune of Billionaire… They say it depends on how the body reacts to the supplement, but if it worked well for me, it should work well for you too… 🙂 ”

April is also an avid user of Whitelight Glutathione Sublingual Spray. Here is a comparison of her photo taken year 2013 and year 2015.




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